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Behaviorgraphics: Who is the "Me" in Social Media - Social Media tests the filter that divides inner monologue from disclousure. As our thoughts become words online...
THE CONVERSATION PRISM The Art of listening, learning and sharing - If a conversation takes place online and you»re not there to hear it, did it really happen? by Brian Solis
Top Twenty Facebook Using Countries
Auf Socialbakers.com sind täglich aktuallisierte Facebook Statistiken zu mehr als 200 Ländern zu finden.
60 Seconds - Things That Happen On Internet Every Sixty Seconds by Shanghai Web Designers Überblick was im Web in 60 Sekunden so alles passiert...
Social Compass - GPS of the Adaptive Business ...before you think about engaging in social media, I need you to do two things...be transparent and authentic in all you do.
Social Media Demographics: Who»s Using Which Sites? Which sites attract the most educated of social media users, or those that pull in the highest income? by Flowtown
Social Media Map for Social Media Marketing von Overdirve Interactive . Die Social Map zeigt einen umfassenden Überblick der aktuellen Social Media Landschaft
World map of social networks - Social networks have become a mainstream activity for Internet users. Laut RianNovosti domiert Facebook diese Welt...
Exploring the Twitterverse - by Brian Solis
The landscape of useful Twitter apps designed for marketing, business, and service professionals.

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30.6: Social media metrics for small businesses: 4 tools

Are Oktopost, Cyfe, Klout & Hootsuite in your arsenal? Post by Adi Englander One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face with social media is cutting through the bewildering fog of metrics to focus on what truly matters. Why is this such a big challenge? Because according to Manta, 60% of businesses reported that they didn’t gain any benefit … Continue reading →

30.6: Rechtssicheres Marketing auf Instagram & Twitter – 10 Tipps vom Anwalt

Nicht nur bei Facebook wird das Thema Rechtssicherheit in Bezug auf Marketingmaßnahmen aktuell großgeschrieben. Auch bei den Plattformen Instagram und Twitter gibt es einige Punkte...
Der Beitrag Rechtssicheres Marketing auf Instagram & Twitter – 10 Tipps vom Anwalt erschien zuerst auf LINGNER.COM - Digitalagentur und Kreativberatung für B2B Zukunftskommunikation • Lingner Consulting New Media GmbH.