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Communications 2.0 - Ant-On! NewsRoom meets Facebook & Co.

Social media gains significantly in today's B-to-B-communication. Join your target audience excactly there and pick up customers, partners and employees with a charming approach.

Here is your software: Ant-On! NewsRoom for public relations and online marketing with an easy and center-controlled management of posts, tweets and feeds.
For rent ex 500.00 EUR monthly.

Agency 2.0 - Ant-On! PressRoom goes social with your customers.

Social media is a must-have in modern communications. Give your clients a sturdy online appearance and a serious public standing by managing all daily tasks efficiently, centrally controlled, and with time-saving automation.

Here is your software: Ant-On! PressRoom serves agencies as a control-center and prestigious showroom for all clients' PR achievements.
For rent ex 500.00 EUR monthly.

Recruiting 2.0 - Ant-On! NewsRoom manages the digital talk about you and me.

Engaged employees are the future of your enterprise. Pick up high performers and future talents where they are mostly active - online - and position your company concurrently as an innovative and sovereign top-employer.

Here is your software: Ant-On! PressRoom for staff recruiting consolidates your online activities in a controlled and modern way.
For rent ex 500.00 EUR monthly.

Internal communication 2.0 - more efficiently with Ant-On! INTRANET

Organise your individual culture of information in the digital social web. Integrate modern communication into established working processes and employees in your employer brand.

Here is your software: Ant-On! INTRANET for internal communication forms the internal dialogue openly and authentically.
Available as favorable once-licence.

Mobile 2.0 - Ant-On! EXTRANET
is your direct line to all partners.

Take profit from the advantages of web-based workflows. With a browser and a valid Login your partners can access from everywhere for exclusive and efficient cooperation.

Here is your Software: With Ant-On! EXTRANET you make special website offers for partners and suppliers available from all over the world.
Available as favorable once-licence.

Maximum Control. Minimum Risk.
Ant-On! Content-Regulation For Web And Social Media.



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Product overview: Ant-On! meets your needs!
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